September Beauty Favorites

Hi All!

So September has come around way way too quick for my liking and the fact that I now need to do my favorites has made me realize the impossible amount of work and planning I have to do. Someone pause the clock for me so I can actually catch up with life!  Anywho, as usual there are a few products that have been used almost every day this month and that I thought I would share with all you lovely people!

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Friday’s Letters


dear perfect wedding dress please stop being so darn expensive so I can buy you, dear art history essay sorry for showing you so little love this week, I promise this will change ASAP. dear extra weight please drop off me so I don’t have to stop eating all the delicious treats I love. dear the xx thanks for making an incredible album that has got me through this last couple of weeks dear spring are you here or not? Make up your mind dear mum thanks for the coffees and chai lattes! As a poor, tired student they are much appreciated, as are our midday chats dear blog friends thanks for popping by and following! Makes me happy knowing someone is reading all my rambling ūüôā


Made Me Smile

Hi All!

Hope everyone had a fantastic week! Mine was up and down with a couple of tough assignments and more to come this week but I also found out that I did quite well on an assignment I thought I might fail and that I got top marks in one of my art history courses last semester yay! So here’s what made me smile this week

Callie took a liking to a shoe box this week! Had so many giggles because she only just fits in there with her head hanging out. Cat’s choose the weirdest places

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Friday’s Letters

Hi All!

So something different and super short today, this will be my first Friday’s letters post and after reading so many other people’s weekly letters I am happy to be joining in haha. Here is where the Friday’s Letters originated from for me:¬†! I think it is a cute idea! Link me to yours if you have done one too!

Dear Test: thankyou for not being as brutal as I expected you might be, although I will reserve full thanks until I get the results back! Dear Dad: Please drive more carefully, I need you around for a lot longer! Dear Callie: thank you for the cuddles and giggles you have given me this week when I needed them most.¬†Dear Auckland Bus Services: Kindly get your crap together and stop abandoning me! I can’t handle the stress of trying to find alternative ways into Uni on days when I have things due so stop striking or whatever it is you choose to do over driving me around town.¬†Dear Time Management Skills:¬†I was hoping that by my last semester I would have you under control but I guess you and me were not¬†meant to be.¬†Dear Wedding Date:¬†Please stop approaching me at light speed, I seriously have so much to do before Feb 17th it’s freaking me out!¬†Dear Psych Lecturer: Thank you, thank you, thankyou for extending the due date of my assignment from Monday to Wednesday! Haven’t yet started so need all the time I can get. Dear Mum: I love having tea with you at Uni and keeping up to date, don’t worry about me going to France, no distance could stop us being the best of friends!¬†Dear Edd:¬†Thanks for letting me indulge in some shopping therapy during this stressful week and for being the man of my dreams



Adventures of a Bride to Be … intro!

Hi All!

So something a little different today, on February 17th (smack bang middle of summer in NZ!). My wonderful Fiancee (Edd) and I are getting married after 6 years of dating! I am so excited and can’t wait to be a ‘Wife’! So every now and again I would love to do some posts on the whole process of getting married!

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Tips for surviving sickness

1. Lemon and honey, lemon and honey and more lemon and honey… I love this stuff and regardless of the scientific justifications I just feel better when I have this when I am sick.

2. Sleep-ins – hard to do when Uni calls my name everyday but finding the time to relax and give your body a rest is so helpful.

3.TV shows to keep you busy while you rest – for me my guilty pleasures are basically any reality¬†TV¬†show series: America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, Top Chef etc.

4. Comfort Food Рmy favorite coping mechanism of all, I recommend quantities of chocolate/chocolate biscuits/chocolate mousse/hot chocolate etc.

5. Spicy Food Рas I have had some evil cold/flu thing recently spicy dishes have been much appreciated for a temporary nose clearer. My favorites include a spicy Thai green chicken curry and a big bowl of spicy Mexican chili. mmmm

6. A fluffy companion – I of course use Callie the cat when she is in a co-operative mood but if you don’t have a cat or your cat refuses to¬†recognize¬†your fluffy requirements any soft toy or very fluffy pillow will do, helps if it purrs though.

7. Last but most importantly for me was someone to make all my lemon and honeys, watch lots of crappy TV with, bring me copious amounts of food and provide cuddles when I felt like crap! I am lucky to have Edd to provide the “comforter when sick” role ūüôā

So those are my coping strategies for surviving a period of stuffed noses, sore throats and all-over rubishyness (not a word…)

Hope you are all feeling better than I am this week!


So sick….

uh oh. Feel myself getting ill, post nasal dri...

Hi All!

So I am three days into my last 6 weeks of my undergraduate degree! Exciting but also terrifying at the same time. What makes the whole thing worse is I am behind on several assignments that are due in a terrifyingly short amount of time and on top of that Monday I woke up with what feels like the flu!

After miserably suffering my way through the Monday and Tuesday I was able to have a break at home today with very little lectures on.¬†Definitely¬†much needed! I don’t know why it happens but all through holidays I am fine and in healthy form then Bam! First day back and I am hit with this. I tend to catch everything that goes around¬†unfortunately¬†but usually they are manageable colds that last for a couple of days than leave me in peace. I am having more difficulty coping with this one. ¬†Anyway, enough of this feeling sorry for myself.

The good things about being sick are the lemon and honey drinks which taste extra nommy when Edd makes them for me (Thankyou!), the excuse to get takeaways especially of the hot and very spicy Thai variety and … okay that’s all the positives I can think of at the moment. ..

So I¬†apologize¬†in advance for what I predict will be a week of little blogging, I can barely find the time to do my uni work and on top of that get the flat ready for an¬†imminent¬†flat inspection (one day I won’t have to rent a house!)

Things I have coming up include a nail care routine, the start of some wedding posts in preparation for the big day, my favorite brownie recipe and who knows what else!

So if anyone has any great sickness prevention tips of secrets on surviving a flu than please pass them on and I hope everyone is having a better week than me so far!