Albums of September

Hi All!

Uni is chaos at the moment, as if I expect anything different. But anyway, another month is drawing to an end and before I post up my September beauty/random favorites I thought I would share 3 of the albums that have been playing on my iPhone all month.


1. The xx: Coexist

This album is my favorite out of these 5 and was only released at the beginning of this month. I love the previous album by this indie pop group. This album has further refined the amazing soulful sounds of their previous album in a way which lets the two singers interplay really shine through. This couple are the star of the album with their amazing vocals interacting through each song and creating a back-and-forth dynamic that is really enjoyable to listen to. Having said that the album would be nowhere without the great backing drum/bass that pulses behind the scenes. This album has an emotional quality to it whilst remaining relaxed, refined and easy to listen to. I don’t even know how to explain how much I adore this album! Its one that I put on repeat whilst studying and could listen to all night. Its the only album I know that uses each note of music to its greatest potential and even the moments of silence are so striking in their complexities. Okay now I just sound crazy sorry 😛

Favorite Songs (I would seriously put every one down here): chained, unfold, tides, swept away, our song

2. Ed Sheeran: + (plus)

So this is an album that I wasn’t expecting to like that much apart from maybe one or two songs but after listening all the way through a couple of times I feel in love with the smooth voice, (heartbreakingly) honest lyrics, acoustic+urban vibes and pretty much each and every song. Ed Sheeran has a gorgeous voice that really shines in some of the slower songs on the album and also has a cool ability to rap along with his guitar…its actually quite fun to listen to. I love some of the lyrics of his songs and almost cry when I listen to the personal, heart wrenching story of Small Bump. Again, this album is easy to listen to and fun to sing along with when taking long boring car rides (which I seem to do a lot).

Favorite Songs: The A Team, Wake Me Up, Small Bump, Kiss Me, Give Me

3. Arcade Fire: The Suburbs

Arcade Fire are one of my favorite bands and have been for a long time. I guess I would describe them as alternative rock but music genres totally confuse me.When I can’t figure out what to listen to I generally pop one of their albums on and 80% of the time it’s this one! This album generally about life and its mundane nature really brings together a wide variety of qualities such as the lead’s melodic vocals, the effortless guitar, the odd baroque string arrangements and the pulsating electronics. Despite the variety in the album it remains coherent and provides another album that I happily listen to repeatedly without skipping a song. Compared to some of their previous albums it is quite different but I love it’s journey that reaches monumental moments in the final songs. Worth a listen I’d say!

Favorite Songs: The Suburbs,  Ready to Start, City With No Children, Half Light II, Suburban War, Sprawl II

So that’s it, just three this month as I seriously listened to Coexist for like 75% of the time. Let me know what you guys have been listening to and if you have any recommendations!



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