Friday’s Letters

Another Friday, another bunch of letters, boy these weeks are going past so fast!

Dear Neighbours: Please stop blocking our shared driveway with 4 of your cars. Makes it very hard and stressful in the early mornings to get my 1 little mazda out without scratching anything and I know for a fact my car is worth a lot less than yours. Dear Cupcakes: Can’t wait to start baking you again! Dear Callie: Please hurry up and get better. I can’t stand seeing you in pain and not being your normal playful self. Dear Wedding Invitations: You look beautiful and I can’t wait to have you printed off and sent out! Dear Edd: Congratulations on your Graduation with a BSc, I know it wasn’t all perfect but it’s been a pleasure experiencing the whole process alongside you over the past 3 years and you deserved it! Dear Art History: I love you as a subject but with 3 separate assignments on at the moment you are making life a bit challenging (okay, a lot challenging) . Dear Sister: Loved our talk on Tuesday night, I am truly blessed to have such a beautiful sister, inside and out. Please don’t ever change. P.s. I can’t wait to go bridesmaid dress shopping with you next weekend! P.p.s good luck with your driving test today! Dear Blog: I know I’m neglecting you a bit but I’m doing my best 🙂 Dear God: Thankyou for giving me the strength to get through what as felt like one of the hardest weeks of my entire degree and for providing me with a family that has shown so much support for me that it would take forever to thank them all!




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