Friday’s Letters


Dear Scholarship: I didn’t get you and that devastated me and made this week that much worse, Dear Exams: I know you can’t wait to be here but please relax and stop rushing me! Dear Nose Specialist: Please don’t ever stick a microscope that far up my nose again, Dear Sister: Huge congratulations on your restricted! I knew you would rock it 😀 Dear Wedding Invites: Thank you for making my day a wee bit better, you are gorgeous! Dear Tea: I don’t think you realize how much I love you right now. My afternoon pots of tea are all that get me through a rough week at Uni, Dear Callie: You survived having your tail amputated and I’m sure you can survive two weeks of an incredibly annoying Elizabethan collar. And as much as I love you, sleeping right on my chest with your collar in my face isn’t hugely comfortable …


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