Foxy Favorites for October

Hi All!

October favorites are a bit late just due to exams and whatnot but here they are! Somehow I didn’t end up with many favorites which was a bit of surprise but I think study has stolen my inspiration and so I just went with a few basics I have been using throughout the month and loving.

Body Shop Fragrance in Indian Night Jasmine

First up here is my favorite fragrance for this month: Indian Night Jasmine from The Body Shop. I was lucky enough to win this and wasn’t expecting to use it that much as it is quite a strong, musky scent but after a few times the sultry scent of jasmine really grew on me. The “heaviness” of such a musky scent is less noticeable than I expected and the floral jasmine notes are rather delightful. Definitely a slightly more grown up scent and great for nights out (although I also use this during the day). The lasting time is good but not amazing but one spray is all you need to get a good fragrance that isn’t too overwhelming so having to reapply isn’t much of an issue.

Chi Chi Viva La Diva Matte Lipstick in Boy Magnet

Next up is one of my two favorite lipsticks! I have a few of these ChiChi lipsticks and I am seriously impressed! I chose Boy Magnet to show you because I was so happy to find a great matte red that looks amazing and lasts forever! Bimbo would be the other amazing shade which is a matte hot pink. Definitely check out the ChiChi range of lipsticks if they’re available.

Nivea Hand Cream: Pure and Natural (Protection)

This hand cream with argan oil from Nivea is my new favorite! It’s very affordable (I believe I got this for around $4 on special at the supermarket) and has a good level of moisture without leaving any greasy feeling behind. There are definitely hand creams that are more moisturizing but I like using this in the day when I’m on the go. The scent is lovely too, normally I stick to unscented hand creams just due to sensitive skin but the fragrance is fresh and subtle, and I haven’t experienced any skin irritations.

Covergirl Exact Eyelights for Blue eyes (#710)

I don’t often wear a lot of eye makeup if any at all (besides mascara) but this quad palette from Covergirl is one that I constantly reach for if I want to wear something a little different. I love the green sage shade in the crease and the highlight shade the most. All the shades have fairly good pigmentation except for the blue. Whether it works well in brightening my eyes or not, I have no idea but all in all an easy to work with set of shades.

Maybelline Coloursensational in Pink Me Up (045)

I have had this for ages but it got lost in the bright pinks and reds for a while but lately I have been reaching for it a lot. This shade is a beautiful light warm pink that comes off as a soft nude pink on my lips. Very easy to wear and although it doesn’t last much more than a couple of hours its a breeze to reapply and isn’t very noticeable while it fades. I wear this all the time when I don’t feel like keeping a bright lip maintained throughout the day.

Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate oil

I have so many lip balms it’s actually ridiculous so when I first tried the original Burt’s Bees lip balms and not liking it at all I was disappointing and a bit confused after hearing so many people rave about it. I gave the brand another chance when I tried this replenishing lip balm and I absolutely love it. The red balm gives a very slight tint to the lips but I mainly love it because it is incredibly moisturizing and leaves my lips feeling hydrated for ages! Has a slight scent but its not at all unpleasant. Sorry for its rather rough condition, this is one of those lip balms I just chuck in my bag each day.

OPI: Every Month is Ocktoberfest

Last up here is my nail polish favorite. This is the only nail polish from the Germany collection that I got but I absolutely adore it! It looked a bit average in the bottle but once on the nail its complex mix of mesmerizing burgundy/copper shimmer (which is obvious in the bottle shot) and a beautiful purple in the light (which is kind of captured in the second shot). Once I’m in the sun I can’t stop looking at it. Seriously, it gets pretty embarrassing. A beautiful colour especially for autumn/winter but as usual I can’t stop wearing it regardless of the weather.

There you go! My beauty favorites for the month of October. Keep an eye out for some random favorites which will be up tomorrow 🙂

Hope you all had a great month and that next month is even better.



3 thoughts on “Foxy Favorites for October

  1. I think you’re my blogger soul mate! YOU HAVE CHI CHI BOY MAGNET AND YOU SWATCHED IT! I will be buying this on pay day as I’ve been eyeing it up forever! Also OPI Every month is Oktobertfest is my happy polish :3

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