Friday’s Letters

Dear October: Where did you go? Time slips through my fingers like sand and I find that slightly terrifying. Dear Summer: I am very thankful for the increase in beautiful blue skies and warm weather but it does make it much harder to feel like studying when all I want to do is take my book to the beach and read the day away. Dear Exams: 3 done and 2 to go. The light at the end of this 4 year long tunnel of my conjoint is becoming slightly brighter. Please keep behaving and don’t throw any unexpected surprises my way. Dear Green Tea: I don’t know how you do it but thank you for being so delicious, relaxing and guilt-free. Dear Washing Hamper: Why is it that no matter how many loads of washing I do I can’t seem to get you out of control. You are truly painful and I would really like it if you just washed, folded and put yourself away. Thanks. Dear Friends: I don’t know how I have become friends with so many amazing people through twitter and blogs and what not but I feel truly blessed to feel like I am surrounded by like-minded people who are beautiful inside and out! It’s nice to have my faith in human kind back. Dear Edd:  Thanks for making me amazing curries when I am too busy taking 10 billion photos of about 5 products for my blog.


p.s. sorry for the double post action today, I was totally meaning to post my favorites yesterday but obviously that didn’t happen…


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