Little Monsters and Other Manicures…

Hi All!

So I am a self-diagnosed nail polish addict but to my horror for the last 6 months or so my hands have been suffering from eczema and general stress induced bad health and so I was far too embarrassed to take photos of the gorgeous nail polish I had been wearing (woe is me! First world problem I know :-/). Luckily my hands have recently got to a state where they aren’t completely unbearable and so I have jumped at the chance to start sharing some of my recent manicures. Please, in advance, forgive my hands not looking totally perfect. They are by no means completely recovered and my nail polish application/photo taking skills are obviously in need of improvement 🙂

These are all from the last couple of weeks.

First up I have my monster nails that I did for something easy for Halloween. I saw a photo on this blog here and basically just copied that design because I thought it was totally cute! They didn’t come out perfect but I think they were quite sweet! The colours I used were all by OPI: Did it on ’em, A Grape Fit, A Roll in the Hague (next is Did it on ’em again) and Short’s Story (left to right). The black and white were OPI Black Onyx and Alpine Snow. Tool wise I used a dotting tool to do the dots and a black striper for the lines.

OPI: Pedal Faster Suzi
This is a light, shimmery pink that I didn’t think I would ever really wear but once on I fell in love just a tiny bit. An absolutely gorgeous colour however it did feel super girly which was nice but also a bit weird haha. I normally prefer brighter/darker/weirder colours. Application was easy too, this was two coats on top of OPI Ridge Filler with Orly Polish shield as a Top Coat.

OPI: Every Month is Oktoberfest
This is my absolute favorite at the moment! This is a must have polish in my opinion (if you are a tad crazy like me). Looking at the bottle this looks like a fairly normal but pretty copper shimmer and yet it totally transforms on the nail with a purple/blue tone that came out in the above photo more than the orange/red copper shimmer. Heaps of dimension and one of those that shifts colour in the sun, making driving rather dangerous and distracting. Application again was great with two easy coats. Definitely one of those gorgeous lit from within nail polishes.

OPI: Thanks a Windmillon plus Revlon: Sparkling on Thumb and Ring finger
One of my favorite combos is this sage/sea green with rose gold glitter as an accent! Seems a bit strange but reminds me of those succulent plants that are a dusty green and have a pink sheen to them in the light. Thanks a Windmillion is a great OPI formula, only needed a couple of butter smooth coats. The Revlon glitter isn’t perfect and I do tend to do a little dabbing to ensure a more even application but its such a gorgeous glitter that’s fine with me!

OPI: Dating a Royal with OPI: Last Friday Night on Accent Fingers
Terrible terrible instagram photo, I know! I was planning to retake the photos of this the next day then I woke up with some sheet marks and tip wear ugh! So this will have to do 🙂 Dating a Royal is a favorite of mine, beautiful royal blue, opaque in two coats. Last Friday Night is a gorgeous glitter full of blue, green and other colours suspended in a light blue jelly base. Beautiful on top of the royal blue.

OPI: Mod About You
Last up is this gorgeous pale pale white pink. I am not a huge pink person at all, not that you would guess that based on this post, but this pink is my favorite along with the very similar Butter London Teddy Girl because it’s so pale. Although its a bit girly it still feels a bit different and unusual. The formula on this isn’t perfect but two careful coats gives opacity, I just sometimes have a bit of difficulty getting a nice even result. I recommend using over a ridge filler as it will help achieve opacity and will also give a more even appearance.

Let me know if this kind of post is interesting to any of you, I love reading nail polish blogs so I thought I would try bringing some of my nail polish hobby into my blog 🙂 Somehow these all ended up being OPI but I promise a bit more of a range in the future!



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