Lessons learnt 2012

1. No such as thing as too much nail polish. Except there is and I should stop buying it.

2. Tea is a magical substance that makes all situations better

3. Sometimes all we need to do is say No

4. You can never rely on New Zealand weather

5. I’m not really ready for the real world yet, but you fake it til you make it

6. Don’t ever assume people know how you feel about them.

7. Learning how to control stress can change your life

8. I feel more comfortable around cats than people

9. My family is the craziest and most dysfunctional I could imagine. I love it.

10. Blogging isn’t as easy as it looks

11. Procrastination is pointless

12. Love is never easy but it’s always worth it

13. Bees aren’t quite as scary as I make them out to be in my head

14. Wedding planning is easier to do on Pinterest than it is in real life

15. You can’t expect change without putting in the hard work yourself

It’s impossible to condense the knowledge I’ve gained over the past year bit those are just a few snippets of my education from 2012


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