Friday’s Letters: A New Year


Dear Callie: Thankyou for making me laugh each and every week. Your facial expressions never fail to amaze me and drive me to giggles, Dear 2013: Hi there, nice to meet you! There is so much going on this year and I can’t wait to meet each challenge and moment head on, Dear Peach Cupcakes: Thankyou for not failing miserably. I always get so nervous trying new cupcake ideas and you came out exactly like I wanted, fresh, summery and fruity with a bit of buttercream to top it all off! Dear Edd: I am so happy to be coming into the Mew Year with you! Thank you for being my best friend and for trialing all my baking. It was so lovely to have some time with you over this rare and magical holiday period, Dear Mum: thankyou for everything this week. I have had so much fun going shopping with you and Lulu 🙂 & get better soon! Dear iPad: I want you 😦 Im just waiting for the money to fall from the sky so I can get you. Dear Coffee-Maker: Hi and welcome to the house! Thanks to my lovely mother in law (to be) Edd now makes me amazing cafe quality coffees and I’m in heaven!


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