Friday’s Letters: Never enough time in the day


Dear Life: Slow down, sometime’s I don’t feel like I can quite keep up with you and would love a little respite. Dear Wedding Ring: You are perfect. Small and delicate. Understated and elegant. Exactly what I wanted and for a lot less than I was planning to pay (thanks to the 50% off sales!). Dear Children: You tire me out but being a Nanny has its advantages. Your laughs bring smiles to my face. Your questions make me wonder things that never crossed my mind. Your tantrums teach me patience and your games remind me to have fun. Thank you. Dear Job Interview: I’m terrified but happy that I got through to the next selection. You give me hope that maybe I will be able to find a job soon. Please be nice? Dear Pita and Lulu: Have an awesome time in Fiji. Please stay safe and don’t forget to come back in time for my wedding. If my brothers and sisters aren’t all here I promise I will throw the biggest hissy fit possible. Love you. Dear Skin: You have been a pain and a half this week. Thanks for the sleepless nights because my skin felt like it was on fire. I pray that this $95 Doctors appt will clear you up and make you behave yourself. Why is there no simple fix? Dear Blog: Sorry for abandoning you this week. Next week I hope things will get back to normal but in this pre-wedding and job hunting whilst nannying phase my time seems to slip away before I can plan what to do with it, so no promises 🙂


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