Friday’s Letters: Feeling the excitement


Dear Wedding: Holy cow! How did you get to being 9 days away? Also how is there still so much left on my list…. Regardless of the stress the excitement is even more pronounced and I can’t wait for the day where I become the wife of my best friend! Dear Cabbage Soup: You were okay the first day of this dumb diet but now I am sick of you. The only good thing is that every time I am hungry (and you are my only option to eat) I automatically cease all feelings of hunger so that’s good…Dear Gym: I am so happy to have rejoined a gym. And boy you are fancy! I love the TVs on every bike and treadmill screen so that I can channel hop while I exercise. Dear Edd: Thankyou for being my gym buddy and helping me with my workouts. This whole thing is so much easier with someone by my side who pushes me and supports me (and corrects my bad wrist positions when I do weights). Dear Callie: I know you love the rain and that you also love getting a towel dry but coming in and out several times in the space of an hour just to enjoy this repeatedly is a little time consuming. Dear Family: I can’t believe how supportive everyone is during this time of stressful last minute planning. No way could I do this myself. Dear Job Hunting: I would love to tell you to get stuffed but unfortunately I still need a job 😦 And all of my energy going into wedding planning makes this rather difficult. Why can’t the perfect job just find me? Dear Auckland: Thankyou for being so beautiful.


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