Overdue for a catch-up

Why hello there,

I return from a blogging hiatus as the Wife of my best friend and so I thought I should have a quick chat (to myself basically) to update you all and let you all into what my life has been like in the past couple of weeks and what it is like now 🙂

First off I missed blogging but life got so chaotic the couple of weeks before the wedding and still hasn’t quite returned to normal. Blogging was the easiest thing to sacrifice and to be honest I was too stressed to sit down and blog even when I did have the time!

Secondly: the wedding was on Sunday just gone and it was perfect. It exceeded my expectations in many ways and I only have one regret (which was my weight, no one wants to get married when they don’t feel like they are at the right weight but this is a tiny teeny detail in the full scope of what the day was like). It was the perfect weather for our little outdoor ceremony and for the marquee garden party dinner. Edd and his boys looked amazing and my two bridesmaids looked like models! I won’t go into a huge amount of detail as I have a whole series of posts on various aspects of the big day that I will start trickling through the blog. Unfortunately the wedding photos will take a good couple of months to arrive so until then I will make do with the small number taken by some friends and family.

I had a slight hilarious disaster the night before our wedding eve that through everything off! I can’t wait to write a blog to share with you guys about it. It makes me laugh now but at the time I cried like a baby.

Now that the wedding is over (our *honeymoon* isn’t really until the beginning of march where we go up north for a week) I am back to full time job hunting. Pre-wedding I was feeling pretty horrid over the job hunting business after being rejected several times for lack of experience or for my age or for my ethnicity. After the small job hunting break pre-wedding I feel recharged and ready to keep being rejected until someone takes me on! I’m also applying for jobs outside of where I want my specific experience as I figure the main thing is to get an income and then I can use my free time to volunteer and get experience that way.

Being a Wife feels pretty much the same as before hahaha. Edd and I haven’t quite clicked on to it all yet but I doubt much will change. I have to find out how I am supposed to change my name because I have no idea how I go about doing this haha. I am planning on hyphenating my name (Lockhart-Weaver) although the celebrant at our wedding ignored my carefully typed out ceremony that I wrote and called me Mrs Weaver regardless hahaha. Cue everyone in the ceremony being confused.

Edd and I have joined a local Jets gym (one of the 24 h0ur gyms throughout Auckland) and they have TV’s on EVERY bike, cross-trainer and tread mill. Despite some channels not being available I am very happy to be able to distract myself from the pain of cardio by absorbing myself in pointless tv shows that normally I would be slobbed out on the couch in front of. Also Edd is an amazing gym buddy and being in a pair makes motivation a lot easier. When one of us doesn’t feel like it (usually me) it is a lot easier to push through and go when I know Edd is there with me.

Our house is full of left over wedding cupcakes that we all can’t bear to eat haha. Who would have thought it could get to this?

I also can’t bear to face the dishes as there is icing equipment from the wedding, platters, containers and so on that have taken over. For now I refuse to clean and that means no cooking either as we have zero room for it (Edd will be horrified that becoming a wife hasn’t turned me into a perfect house cleaner and cooker, sorry love!)

Now the wedding is over we can also start putting some thought into planning our trip to Europe at the end of this year (around August/September) and that makes me excited! All I need is a job so we can budget how much extra we can save.

This weekend I am going to the lantern festival in the city (Saturday night) for the first time so that’s exciting and it’s my birthday on Sunday (I become 22)! (although I am working, but it’s looking after my brothers so doesn’t feel much like work). Sunday night a close friend is cooking me up dumplings and teaching me her ways (I hope). Exciting weekend yay!

I think that’s enough rambling to catch y0u all up! Look forward for lots of posts coming up, I have a haul, sample bar from February a job hunting ramble and a whoooole lot of wedding day posts on stuff like our decor, the makeup, the clothing, the music, ceremony blah blah (so sorry in advance if you have zero interest in all that rubbish!)

Happy to be back


(p.s. here’s a sneak peak of the big day 🙂



2 thoughts on “Overdue for a catch-up

    • Aw thank you! It was a very casual and relaxed wedding, like I wanted haha! But we did have a photographer who took like 600 shots! Might take a while to get them though! I hate waiting!!!

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