Friday’s Letters: As Summer Moves On


Dear Callie: Sorry mum and dad are leaving you for a whole week to go on a little “honeymoon”. I would take you with us if I could but you’d hate the road trip aspect. Be nice to our lovely neighbor who will keep you fed and watered but don’t forget who your real parents are 😜. Dear Rejection: I don’t think I’ve ever experienced you on such a constant basis like I am during this job hunting business. I’m not old enough, not experienced enough, not strong enough, not male enough. The list goes on. But I know what I am and this just makes me stronger. At some point (soon I hope) ill find the perfect job (or just an adequate job will do) and this time if my life will just be another chapter in my life story. Dear Reading: it’s been a while. At uni I got out of the habit if actually enjoying reading, surrounded by text books and lecture notes. The last few days its been hard to go to sleep because I just haven’t wanted to put my books down. I like this feeling. Dear Edd: I can’t wait to escape this city with all it’s stressed out citizens and lifeless concrete. Monday the country and forest await us and our little red car and I’m looking forward to a week of exploration and relaxation in places we’ve never been to before. Dear Health: Just because it is the first day of autumn doesn’t mean you can collapse on me. Dear Life: Im lucky to be experiencing every moment of you.


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