Friday’s Letters: It’s a Good Friday


Dear Auckland: Thankyou for being such a beautiful city. I don’t always appreciate how lucky I have it here. Dear Edd: Thankyou for so much. Thank you for taking photos of amazing sunsets when I am driving. Thankyou for letting me cry on you after a rough shift. Thankyou for spending all day with me in bed watching movies and tv shows. Dear Family: I’m looking forward to spending the long weekend seeing you all! Dear IT crowd: You are hilarious and I don’t know why I haven’t watched you more. Dear Easter: Thank you for an excuse to buy chocolate and the time to send with family and my husband. Dear Work: This week was a little challenging and some times I’m not sure I can do this but then I realise how rewarding you can be. I do need more shifts though (or another job to make up some more hours? That would work too!) Dear Skin: Please calm the heck down, I can’t handle your sensitivity and mood swings! Dear Callie: Please stop attacking me when I have takeaways, you know I always share with you so just be patient my dear!! Dear God: Thank you for sending your only son to die for our sins.


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