Friday’s Letters: Running late…again


Dear Feet: Sometimes you and I have no idea where we are going but as long as we have fun on the way and enjoy every day we are blessed with the destination is much less relevant. Dear Weather: I am enjoying this cool yet clear weather!! No rain but cool enough for me to wear my fox jumper yay! Dear Callie: You’re a funny thing. Please stop sleeping on the driveway. Dear Health: You have been a pain in the … lately but I can’t blame you when I haven’t been treating you with enough care and respect. Thanks to a much needed trip to the Dr I think we have the jump start we need to heal up and start being healthy, inside and out! Dear April: I’m excited to see what’s on store and I’m praying that things fall in the right place. Dear Nails: Why you keep breaking?! Dear Daylight savings: Thankyou for the extra hour sleep tonight, it’s much needed. Dear Edd: Thank you for challenging me and making me think. Sorry if I don’t always get it as fast as you, we aren’t all blessed with your brains haha.


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