My mum (or Mumzilla as she is fondly known….the origins of this remain unclear but may reside in some sort of Godzilla reference ….. which mum can do a pretty good impression of when in a rage) isn’t perfect. No on is perfect and to say my mum is somehow an exception to the rule would make this post no better than a typical cupcakes and bunny rabbits Hallmark card. What I love about my mum is that my mum knows and accepts she isn’t perfect and is therefore always striving to become a better Christian, Human and a better Mum. It also means that when one of her many amazing and wonderful children stuffs up she is there for us with her own lessons and experiences to share. Although she always expects the best from us we know she will be there when we are at our worst. And she’s always got time for a cup of tea.

My mum is a unique and complicated person. She is giving to the point of self sacrifice. She is hard working to extremes that none of us could ever match. She is stubborn, crazy and a little OCD but she is also fun, passionate and intelligent. My mum inspires me to aim for the stars and to expect nothing less than greatness from my life. My mum is an animal maniac and can’t seem to stop turning her small house into a zoo, with animals out numbering people to a scary ratio. She is brave, obsessive, dramatic, creative and beautiful, inside & out,

What I am so thankful for is that my mum is one of my best friends and I know that will never change. We may fight until we cry but then we hug and say sorry, like all friends do. We have gne through good and bad times together and have always been there for each other to get though the stress. Every day I grow more like my mum and unlike some people that isn’t something I mind at all, if I can be half the woman she is I’ll be happy.

So Thank you mum. Thank you for not compromising who you are for what some people expect. Thank you for standing up for your beliefs even when they challenge the norms. Thank you for sharing your lives with us so that we could flourish and grow, knowing you are there when we fall.

I could go on forever with lists of things I am grateful for so il stop with this: Thank you for being my best friend and forgiving my many mistakes, being there all those times I needed you most. I’m sorry I’m not the perfect daughter, but just like you I will keep trying very day to be me a better person.

Love you mum x


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