Albums of June

Hi all!

So it may be the 8th of July but here are some overdue albums for last month. I had two real gems that I have been enjoying all month and decided I had to briefly share them with you!

1. The Phoenix Foundation: Fandango

Such a unique little kiwi band that I have never taken the time to properly listen to before but I am glad I finally decided to give their indie/alternative album a go. This album is full of quirks and unique songs that sound familiar and yet completely new all at once. I find this type of music really hard to describe so I won’t even try but if you have watched Boy or Eagle vs Shark and enjoyed the rather wonderful music that went with them then you can thank The Phoenix Foundation. Go and give them a listen and if you like what you here they are playing throughout NZ very soon (and for a very affordable price) so come along!

Songs you should listen to: Black Mould, The Captain, Thames Soup, Corale.

2. The National: Trouble Will Find Me

The National are another new band for me and one I am not sure how I have gone so long without coming across their albums. On Wikipedia they are compared to Joy Division, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and Leonard Cohen, 3 amazing artists/bands who I thoroughly enjoy listening to so it comes as no surprise that this mellow yet self-assured album is a winner. Although the album sounds melancholic there’s more to the lyrics and mesmerizing baritone vocals than first meets the eye. It took me a few listens to really start getting where this album was coming from. Intense and soulful, beautiful and dark. If you somehow haven’t come across them give it a go!

Songs you should listen to: Don’t Swallow the Cap, Sea of Love, Heavenfaced, Slipped.

So there are two albums I demand you go listen to for at least 5 minutes and report back with any thoughts.

Let me know if you already know about these bands and what albums of theirs I should listen to next.


Random Favorites for June

Hi all!

Yesterday I posted my Beauty Favorites so today I thought I would tell you about a few random bits and pieces I have been loving this month (or last month rather…always behind oops). I may get emotional at some point during this post and weep over my keyboard so apologies in advance.


1. Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

Le me start by saying I am not a fan of jelly beans. I just never get the appeal…they must be one of the only lollies that I will turn down (free sugar is good sugar…normally). However! Mum bought a GIANT jar of these home from America for Edd and I and I can’t even begin to explain how much time we spend just sitting trying to decipher what all the 49 flavors are. Its bizarre really but these little morsels are pretty delicious and fun to eat. My favorite flavors are Buttered popcorn, green apple (I love apple anything), mango, sizzling cinnamon and watermelon.

2. Strawberry Pavlova Tea by Healtheries

What would winter be without pots of tea and lately this one has been a favorite. I won’t say too much other than it really does feel like dessert in a cup and thus works rather well as a post work drink. Delicious but rather sweet. Stay tuned for a more in depth review of these new dessert teas by healtheries.

3. Natio Candle in Floral Bouquet

I bought this candle at a makeup sale with Karen from Balmain Beauty for $15 (less than half the original price) and having enjoyed other natio products I was keen to give this a go. This has a very strong floral scent but when burned it is a little more subtle and adds a beautiful floral freshness to the room without being overly sweet or sickening. I was expecting to keep this for spring but loved it so much that I keep using it. Lasts for ages and smells wonderful, even the husband likes it which is downright weird.

4. World War Z

I don’t know if putting a movie I saw once as a favorite is cheating but I loved this movie kind of a lot and so HAD to mention it. I actually was not expecting to like this movie (at all) but went because I kept hearing people either say it was terrible or awesome so I had to see for myself. This zombie movie was action packed but also terrifying and stressful and emotional. By the end of it I was a little bit of an emotional wreck (my body can’t handle that much stress) and we almost lost our giant pop corn half way through when I freaked out and nearly hit it out of Edd’s hand. It was fun, go watch it!

5. Firefly

I saved the best (or worst) for last. Some awful friend of mine who wanted me to live in pain lent me her DVD of the first (AND ONLY) season of Firefly as Edd and I kept meaning to watch it (being a cult favorite and all). A week later and the whole thing was over (we got a little obsessed). This show was AMAZING and I loved everything about it. The characters were amazing, the cowboy sci-fi spin was unique and the whole darn show was awesome. Unfortunately due to poor marketing when it first aired the show was cancelled over ONE season so all the incredible potential in all the awesome story lines were JUST LEFT HANGING (WHO ARE YOU SHEPHERD? JUST KISS HER MALCOLM, THEN SHE WON”T LEAVE!!!!). So yeah.. I loved this show but now I am left scarred by what could have been (only slightly melodramatic). Regardless, I wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I did (and kind of wish I hadn’t haha) but if you some how have not seen it yet GO NOW and feel my pain.

That’s it for a slightly emotional random favorites. What random things have you been loving recently (but maybe not quite so obsessively as me)?


June Beauty Favorites

Hi All!
Well its that time of the month where I hastily round up my favorites and let you know what has been on my radar for the month of June. June was a pretty good month for me with lots of socializing, work and time with loved ones. I also found a couple of truly incredible makeup products that will most likely be a core part of my makeup routine for the foreseeable(that word looks rather strange written down but less strange when I say it…) future. So here are a few favorites for June!

1. Benefit Brow zings eyebrow kit.
When I was at the Benefit blogging launch here in Auckland I was lucky enough to test out this eyebrow kit and it was love at first sight!  I am notoriously avoidant when it comes to my eye brows…Love them on others but completely ignore them on my own face. After a couple of terrible experiences with eye brown pencils I was thoroughly terrified of anything to do with brows. Fast forward and here comes this small box of eye brown heaven and now I do them nearly every day (just not on those days when I wake up two minutes before my bus is due to arrive). I love this kit for so many reasons so I think a full on review should be arriving soon but for now just get yourself down to a Benefit counter so you can try one too! I bought this for $57 from the Benefit counter at Smith and Caughey’s in Auckland and it was worth every dollar.

2. Australia Curve Ink Eyeliner.
Yet another incredible yet this time very affordable makeup staple is this recently released curved liquid eye liner from Australis. Australis are just an incredible brand full stop. Their products are amazing and yet everything is relatively affordable when compared to the astronomical prices of most makeup here in NZ. After falling in love with their lipsticks and many other products I was in no way surprised when this eye liner turned out to be a winner. Pigmented, easy to use and SO long lasting. Not that I ever sleep with my makeup on….but if I did this would not fade AT ALL. That’s all I’m saying…hypothetically. I don’t know if I will bother shelling out for any other eye liner for quite a while. I think this was $19 from a pharmacy but I received it free on a promo after spending $25 on other goodies.

3. Benefit The Porefessional.
I don’t have oily skin so I tend to be lazy and ignore primers without much adverse effect. However when I received this as a gift from the Benefit blogging event a couple of months ago I thought I would try it and then maybe pass it on to someone without my very dry, sensitive skin. I think I can confidently say this will never happen. This primer has a gorgeous formula, silky smooth and so nice to use! I love that this primer has some pigment to it and quite often I will wear this either alone to just even out my skin tone and make my skin look nice and smooth, or I use it with a light BB cream for a light weight yet flawless and long lasting finish. A little goes a long way (which is important for these more expensive products) and I truly have never tried anything like it before.
4. Dr Lewinn’s Anti-Ageing Eye Cream
This is an old favorite that I haven’t mentioned before and that came back out of the depths of my cupboards last month. This ranks as one of my favorite eye creams as it is super moisturizing (and my eye area can get especially dry during winter). I find it soothing and calming when my skin feels a little irritated which is a big plus as often eye creams can just make it feel worse. A staple for my night time routine and something I will continue to buy until I find something better.
5. Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Romantic
Red lips have been pretty big this month for me, being a great way to transition from a day look at work to an evening look in the space of 1 minute. One of this month’s red lip features was a kissable balm stain in Romantic which is a glossy, medium red. I love the balm stains which is probably clear by now and if I had to choose one category of lip products they would be it so I wasn’t surprised to enjoy this buildable red balm. The colour is vibrant and long lasting yet still fun and creamy. Perfect for dry lip days where a matte red lip is no go zone and I need something more hydrating but still with a punch of colour.
6. OPI Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window
Let me start by saying that I dislike the name of this polish….however the colour is one I had been wanting for ages and found really hard to find. For autumn/winter I was desperate for a khaki/murky green colour as I was completely lacking anything like it. When I finally came across this one I was very pleased to get it and adorn my finger tips with this slightly strange colour. Not a “pretty” nail polish but one that looks very chic and modern on the nails, especially in this season. As per usual with OPI the formula of this creme polish is a dream to work with, needing two thin coats to give a glossy, creme finish.
So there are 6 beauty products for June that I have (obviously) being loving.
Come back tomorrow for some random favorites featuring a tv show that kind of broke my heart.
What have you been loving this month?