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So this is a “thoughts of the week” sort of post and an excuse for my to ramble without needing to form a coherent post and slip in a few low quality/highly filtered instagram photos. Seatbelts on?

I am obsessed with Lorde’s new album; Pure Heroine. I love it even more than I loved her EP because it is mellow and still has a running beat, almost like a pulse, that creates an almost hypnotic effect. Go listen. Now. Spoiler alert: this song is amazing.

Cronuts. Enough said. Actually maybe not. I may have to write a post dedicated to this high calorie treat straight from the food fusion heavens. Although this writer is not so keen (and does it no justice).

I am scared to go to Pub Quiz this week because we have won the $100 bar tab the last two weeks straight so I am both scared we will a)) win again and everyone will hate us or b) lose miserably and face shame and disappointment. Its a lose lose situation.

I am so behind in Breaking Bad (only on season 3 I think) and super terrified someone will spoil what happens in the final season. Same thing I was scared about with the Dexter finale a couple of weeks ago. Luckily the most I heard through social media was that the finale was kind of crap so that wasn’t too bad.

I think I may have eaten too much BurgerFuel recently and now I feel a little queasy whenever anyone mentions it (which I thought was impossible). This may be good for both my wallet and my health. Their aioli is still the best thing ever though.

This Sunday just gone I made some Mississippi mud cookies with my little brothers and I am rather excited to share the recipe with you because they may be my favorite cookies.


Keeping on the track of food I went to Barilla for the first time ever and not being much of a dumpling person I was still blown away by how delicious and yet affordable everything was (our group ended up spending $10 each which is nothing short of a miracle). Going back to eat 100 plates of their fried french beans is high on my list of things to do.

Today I finally found a long lost makeup bag that held a bunch of essentials including my brow-zings kit by Benefit (which I almost cried over when I thought I had lost it) and my favorite Maybelline vivids lipstick in Vivid Rose which I have been so close to repurchasing under the assumption it was lost. The makeup bag wasn’t even anywhere weird, just in a plastic bag in the lounge. How I missed that for weeks and weeks I am unsure but for me this isn’t really a surprise.

I want to watch The Mindy Project. Everyone keeps raving about it and I feel left out. Lately my TV show of choice has been Green Wing (which I adore).

I am currently reading the Tomorrow When the War Began series which I started when I was younger but never got far through. I forgot how amazing the series is. Its the first time in a while where I find it close to impossible to put the book down and go to sleep.

I finally went down to T2 on Queen Street and as expected was overcome with amazing delicious teas and beautiful walls of teacups and teapots that I wanted to take home. I find it hard to justify $20 on a box of tea but couldn’t resist picking up a box of my favourite Turkish apple tea. Along with it I was given a couple of samples to mix with the Apple tea and my favourite (and one I may pick up next time) is the Southern Sunrise (a delicious combo of Grapefruit and Lemongrass).


Last of all, this month as well as making a triumphant return to the gym (we hope) I am also going to attempt a little challenge I saw on Twitter the other day that works up a bunch of core activities. I thought it would be good, especially for when I miss the gym, to have a shorter routine that I also do. I’ll let you know how it goes.

My Big Little City: Clevedon Farmer’s Market

Hi All!

Had a bit of a busy last couple of weeks but today I come to you with a new series that I am starting called My Big Little City which will just feature different places and activities in Auckland that I want to share with you all.

Today is a pretty grey and windy Saturday so what better time to think back to a couple of weekends a go when I went along to the Clevedon Farmer’s market along with Edd and my two little brothers, Mr 11 and Mr 5 (nearly 5). I have always heard good things about this farmer’s market that has been running for about ten years now out at the Clevedon showgrounds. I’ll show you some snaps from the day and at the end will be all the info about the Markets in case you have a Sunday with nothing to do.

The market, being a farmer’s market, has an amazing range of fresh, vibrant produce that was a feast for the eyes. Along withe the vegies are a plethora of pickles, chilli sauces (some of which we bought home), breads, sweet treats, alcohol and meat. As pictured below there was a little country violin and guitar duo who provided a soundtrack for our Sunday outing (something a la Louise Attaque) which provided such an amazing atmosphere. I don’t know if there is always music or if it always the same musicians but it made a huge difference.

Mr 5 was in his element sampling bacon and cupcakes (not at the same time) left, right and centre. The cupcake stall was run by the Cupcake Tree which has a stall quite close to my work in the city and after sampling their gingerbread cupcakes I will be hunting some more down. Seriously divine.

The highlight for kids would be the $5 pony ride and this certainly proved to be the case with Mr 5. After his ride around the paddock we went and said hello to the other friendly ponies/donkeys and horses. Although I am technically allergic to horses I couldn’t resist a bit of a cuddle…


Obviously there is a lot of food to choose from when looking for a snack or a light lunch. If you can look past all the delicious fudges and brownies there are a few different savoury stalls. Mr 11 chose an Argentinian tomato filled pastry, Mr 5 had a homemade mince and cheese pie whilst Edd and I went for a very popular lunch time choice, a bacon and egg bap with homemade spicy tomato sauce and parsley mayo. It was fresh, delicious and for $5 a super cheap and tasty lunch that you should definitely try.  We then had a $1 churro each to finish off our lunch and although it was lacking a chocolate sauce it was still very tasty.DSC_1706DSC_1716DSC_1714

We took a few treats home including a homemade dog treat, a smoked chipotle salt, a green chilli sauce, some almond brittle (and peanut brittle for Mr 5) which was AMAZING and last of all a small selection of macaroons that we shared once back at home. The flavours we got (left to right) was salted caramel, tiramisu, peanut butter and cinnamon jam doughnut. Without a doubt my favourite was the jam doughnut. It tasted incredible and may be the best macaroon I have ever tasted. Yum.


All in all we had a really fun time at the markets and I would definitely go back to sample the new produce and see what’s changed. Everything is reasonably priced and there is a generous amount of free food to try. Everyone is friendly and kids can run wild. The market is held at the Clevedon showgrounds which is about 30-40 minutes drive from Auckland (south-east). Clevedon itself is a cute little town just out in the country so you could spend the whole day out in the area. The markets run from 8.30-12pm every Sunday and a small gem in Auckland that is a great way to escape the bustle of the city. We will be back.


My Foxy Reading Corner: #25-32

Hi All!

Having a sick day off work today to try and recover from this combo cold/migraine situation so lets pray one day of rest is enough. Not that I don’t enjoy the chance to sit at home and drink tea all day. I would read if my eyes would stop watering for no reason haha. Anyway, who is ready for another installment? I am currently two books behind in my challenge…but I have faith I can make that up..hopefully.


#25 Poison Study (Study #1) by Maria V Snyder: So this is a random book I picked up which is the first in a YA series around a young girl who is due to be executed but instead is offered the option of being a poison taster for the Commander. I enjoyed the read but it wasn’t anything particularly special. I enjoyed the characters and their relationships but overall it was an average book and I doubt I will read the other books in the Study series. 3 Stars

#26 The New World (Chaos Walking #0.5) by Patrick Ness: So this probably shoudn’t count seeing as it was very short and just functioned as an introduction into the world and characters from the Chaos Walking series. However seeing as I am currently 2 books behind in my 50 book challenge I’m gonna go ahead and count it anyway…so sue me. This prequel introduces one of the two core characters of the series and was a nice short intro into Viola’s story. 3 Stars

#27 The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking #1) by Patrick Ness: This was the first book in the Chaos Walking trilogy, I can’t remember where I first heard of the series but I went into it knowing basically nothing about the stories (apart from what the prequel revealed). The main character Todd is likable in naive kind of way and as the reader you really feel for him in the confusion of his story. This YA series is set on a planet where men’s thoughts are not able to be hidden. Todd then finds a female (of which there are none left in his town) and together they embark on a pretty intense task. There was only part of this series I DID NOT ENJOY. I won’t say too much but it made me want to bawl my eyes out. Be warned. 4 Stars

#28 City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments #1) by Cassandra Clare: With the movie having come out here recently for the first in The Mortal Instruments series I thought I should venture into this fantasy YA series that seems to be so popular. It was ok…I have to admit I was a little disappointed. I don’t have a lot to say, it was a fine read, the characters were at times a little annoying. I may push through and try read some more in the series if I get my hands on them. We shall see. 3 (generous) stars

#29 The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell: I loved Sex and the City but have never read any books by Candace Bushnell so when I got my hands on the first story about Carrie when she was at a small town high school I gave it a go. I really enjoyed this light hearted read. The characters were at times annoying/frustrating but in a way that was reflective of what people were like at highschool. Carrie was true to form, fabulous and unique. The story was surprising and moving and funny. Candace’s writing was easy to read and I would love to read some more books by her! 4 Stars

#30 The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time by Mark Haddon: Okay, so I have already read this book ages ago but couldn’t resist picking it up again. The story of a young high functioning autistic individual who sets about to solve a neighborhood animal murder is a gem of a book. Mark Haddon captures the young Christopher’s narration and thoughts in a truly unique and captivating way. Trying to keep up with an autistic mind’s tangents and points of view was overwhelming at times but in a truthful and realistic way. A book I would recommend to anyone and everyone. 5 Stars

#31 The Ask and the Answer (Chaos Walking #2) by Patrick Ness: I couldn’t wait long before reading the next book in the Chaos Walking series, especially because the first book left us in quite a cliff hanger of a situation. This book was narrated by both Todd and Viola in alternative chapters which offered up an insight into both sides of a tense and stressful situation. The story was again emotional and moving at times and action packed at others. The characters just continue to improve and develop and I enjoyed the writing style in this even better than in the first book. 4 Stars

#32 I Am Legend by Richard Matheson: I LOVED the movie with Will Smith however I knew going into reading this book it was very different to the movie. Robert Neville is our main character and the last “living” man on Earth so hasn’t succumbed to a bacterial infection that turned human race into a vampire-like species. Most of the book is devoted to the monotonyo of his daily survival (but it doesn’t come across as boring, just depressing). Towards the end he meets another character and the already depressing story takes a turn for the worse, The story ends in a thought-provoking manner. All in all I didn’t enjoy reading the story cause it was depressing as hell but I still think its an amazingly written story that is at the top of my read list. 5 Stars.

Done! Only 28 books to go. Any recommendations please share 🙂 And don’t forget to follow me on Goodreads

Liz xx

Friday’s Letters: All Dogs Go To Heaven


Dear Tilly: Thank you for your kisses. Thank you for forcing us to go on beautiful walks throughout Auckland. Thank you for your unconditional love for the family. Thank you for your amazing personality and dog like charm. I hope you are somewhere happy and safe. I’m sorry you had to leave this world so early. Dear Work: I am not excited to do my first Saturday shift and six day week. At all. Dear Edd: Thank you for spoiling me this week. And for understanding my foul mood after a crappy week even though I shouldn’t take it out on you. Also I don’t know how you made the kitchen look like normal again but you did and it was awesome…until I had another round of baking. Dear Burger Fuel: Stop being so tempting and such a short drive away. Dangerous. Dear Customers: I know sometimes you feel like screaming/swearing/crying/complaining at me but there is only so much I can take (apparently) before I break down at work (rather embarrassingly). Just be a little more organized and we wouldn’t have this problem. Dear Books: WHY MUST YOU BE SO SAD? Dear Ruby Woo: You are almost certainly the most beautiful red lipstick I have had the pleasure of owning. Welcome to the my little lipstick horde collection Dear Sunday: A sleep in awaits and then a day with no plans (which is the best kind of day). Dear Lizzy: Keep on going through each week as it comes. Embrace the challenges and learn from the new. Crying is ok and sometimes imperative so just let it out every now and again. At the end of the week a Chanel perfume makes things feel (or smell) a lot better.

Friday’s Letters: An Awesome Wave


Dear Blog: I am sorry for my absence and happy to be home again (figuratively speaking). I hope that with a little more organization blogging can be a little more reliable and more enjoyable for me (and maybe even you). Dear Callie: You are without a doubt the weirdest, cutest, most loveliest cat who thinks she is a human. Don’t even realize that cats don’t actually have to clean themselves whilst in the shower. I rely on your antics for my daily dose of laughter. Dear Alt-J: You have been the soundtrack to my life recently. Thanks for being incredible. Dear Edd: Thank you for teaching me how to use our new camera and being the most patient person I know. Dear Cinnamon Scrolls: Please come out of the oven nice and fluffy so I can share you with work friends proudly. Dear Dishwwasher: One day you will enter my life and it will be a joyous occasion indeed. Dear Peppermint and Cinnamon tea: You are the reason I get past 3 pm and make it to the end of the day. Delicious. Dear Brother: Your life holds so much exciting potential right now. I know you will make decisions that we might not all agree on but these are how you grow as an individual and human being. Thank you for showing me how to be fearless and spontaneous. You know I will always be here for you if you need me. Dear Tim Tams: I really wish you were not quite so delicious. I have never and most likely never will look up how many calories one of you delicious morsels contains, ignorance is bliss. Dear Lizzy: I know you want to be the one people can rely on at work but sometimes you have to just step back and let some one else carry the pressure. Don’t feel responsible for everyone and just look after yourself. Health is our focus right now so just be a little selfish every now and again.

Album of the Year?

Hi All!


So I promised you last post that I was planning to expose you to the album that has played non-stop, on repeat for weeks now and may very well be my album of the year. This little black horse that came out of nowhere and blew my mind is Alt-J’s An Awesome Wave. Alt-J are an indie English band and this is their debut album. Debut. I kid you not. The synth/indie/folk/pop (the number of genres I need to begin to describe this are a little disturbing) album) and band are compared commonly to Radiohead but for me personally I hear more of a more upbeat and inventive Bon Iver or Fleet Foxes in terms of their vocals and the lack of comprehensible structure/beat. The vocals are strange and unusual in an awesome and dreamlike way. The whole album just carries me through this slightly psychedelic, visual (don’t ask me how) and dynamic journey punctuated with clever rhythms and strange instrumentals. How the whole album sounds both hopeful and accessible whilst arty and melancholic slightly confuses me the result is nothing less than wonderful. Go and listen to any song of the album and I feel you will hear something new.

Having said that my favourites off the album (nearly impossible to choose) range from the smooth synth tune Tessellate with its slightly deeper base line to Breezeblocks with the popular R&B/Island rhythms that are crazy addictive and then to Matilda which to me demonstrates how charged with emotion the album can get. I also must mention Taro as another favourite, it is folky and moving without losing the quirky qualities that make this album work . I don’t even really know how to describe these songs to do them justice.

The album as a whole works perfectly with charged up stunners interspersed with some more instrumental palate cleansers. The whole thing goes together to create an electrifying and quirky listen that I think compares well to The XX’s debut in that it kind of defies traditional classification. I tried my best to explain the adoration I have for this album but I am not a music reviewer and this will leave a lot unsaid. Spend an evening listening to this and I promise you won’t regret it. If I ever see them playing here in New Zealand I will sell my firstborn for tickets.


August Favourites

Hi All,DSC_1371

So August has been an interesting month for me. I have had a lot of troubles with my sensitive skin which resulted in me completely retreating into a ball of insecurity but its getting better (with help, thank goodness) and slowly things are returning back to normal. Because of my skin being a pain in the … makeup has basically taken a back seat whilst I tried to avoid using anything that could irritate my skin. Nevertheless I have a few beauty related favourites and then a few other random things as well.

1. EOS lip balm in Summer Fruits. Mum brought this back from the US for me (YAY!) and it has been my main lip product all month. The scent/taste of this is my favourite so far, tropical and delicious, and I do find these moisturize and hydrate really well. In my opinion they are better that baby lips for actual hydration, I only wish these were more readily available here in New Zealand 😦

2. Australis Go Longwear Lipstick in Diva: Probably the only lipstick I have reached for this month on the odd occasion I wanted something more than a balm was this beauty from the new long wearing range by Australis. I have a full review of the three shades in this range coming up in the future but this is a beautiful, bright, true red matte that is flattering and doesn’t dry out my lips. Also lasts well which is a big plus for me.


3. Thin Lizzy Mineral Foundation in … So I avoided most makeup this month but there was the odd occasionytg where I wanted to look presentable and needed some sort of coverage for my red, angry, dry skin. I would have thought this powder wouldn’t have worked that great, just because my skin was so dry, but somehow it worked better than any cream foundation to give me a natural, even colour without any irritation at all or any flaking. It is now my default foundation just because I love the finish and I can trust it won’t set my skin off. Around $40 from farmers I think but a little goes a long way and I feel like this will last me a  while.

4. Nivea sensitive foaming wash: Okay, so I am sure you are sick of hearing about my skin issues but it has basically defined my month and this body wash was kind of a life saver. This thing is JUMBO and was only $8 or so from the Supermarket. I love it not just because it is cheap but because it is so gentle that my skin doesn’t react at all and yet it still does an awesome job of lathering and cleaning (which I guess is the main point). Will definitely repurchase this if I ever run out.

5. Essie Merino Cool: This has just been the perfect nail colour for the season. A dusty purple taupe that is sophisticated and appropriate for work. A cream formula but sometimes I do pair this with a rose pink glitter (see below)…I just can’t resist an accent nail. Speaking of nail polish who else is excited for Spring colours?? ALL THE PASTELS.

6. Essie A Cut Above: This is one of my all time favourite glitters that I add to pretty much any manicure but I especially enjoyed this in combination with Merino Cool. This has such a nice even formula for a glitter that I don’t feel like I have to mess around with it. And it’s gorgeous.


That’s it for beauty! But moving on….

TV show: The Mentalist – Edd and I have been powering our way through every season and I may die when we run out. I just love Patrick so much.

Tea: Peppermint leaves with Ceylon Cinnamon by Dilmah (read more here – this tea is perfection for only $4, I’m in love)

Accessory: My burgundy circle scarf from Cotton On. I think I got this cheap with other purchases but I wear this almost every day. Perfect colour for winter and super snuggly.

Food: Haloumi cheese. We bought some from the Auckland Food Show and I have been craving it every day ever since. This with hummus on crackers makes for a perfect post gym snack.

Random Buy: Our new DSLR camera!! Edd is already a pro whilst I still forget to remove the cap and then wonder why I can’t see anything… 

What have you been loving in the past month?


Coming up next: Only one album has stood out in the past couple of months and I am OBSESSED.