Here comes the sun

Hi Everyone!

So I disappeared for a while and my apologies for just abandoning MyFoxyCorner for a month or more.  I took some time off blogging for no real reason other than I lacked motivation and enthusiasm for the blogging itself. I didn’t want to continue investing time and energy into something I wasn’t enjoying anymore. I went through a cycle of thoughts (delete the blog -> reinvent the blog -> just start where I left off -> no that wasn’t good enough -> just delete the blog) and so on and so forth for a month or two and now here I am. In the end I think work and life and all such things were making life busy and a little stressful and along with just a general lack of time I was going through a minor (major) blog identity crisis where I just didn’t see any point in it. There are so many incredible blogs and I was a little unsure as to why I even bothered.

But (thank goodness there’s a but!) in the end I missed blogging, a lot! And I had to go back and think about why I do this. Its not for stats or for publicity, its a space for me to write about things I like and document parts of my life that I want to share and come back to later. I like the community and the friends I have made and I love the fact that blogging lets me escape from my 8 hour day job and gives me some sort of outlet. I know there are a 1 million and 1 blogs like mine out there but in the end I blog for me. So I came back! Now I would love to promise that I’ll publish something 3 times a week without fail but until I set up a proper routine I won’t even bother. I hope you guys bear with me while I sort out my little space 🙂

So what have I been up to? I got a permanent role in the temporary job I was doing which offers more security, options and money so that was great. I discovered my new favorite cupcake recipe to bake which will be shared here soon. Edd and I broke down on the motorway today which was one of the more unpleasant experiences of my life. I started planning our trip to Europe next year which is SO exciting. I bought more nail polish that I can’t fit anywhere. I found an AWESOME new band who I love to DEATH (and who Edd is seriously sick of) so I can’t wait to share them with you! I went to the Auckland food show and seriously stuffed my face. Edd and I bought a fancy new camera (a dslr something somthing Nikon… Edd’s the expert, phew) so hopefully I can start sharing some pretty photos with you that aren’t all filtered and from instagram haha! Oh and I also bought my first pair of Doc Martens and they are AMAZING. I’m sure more as happened (but maybe not) but that’ll do for today and I will talk to you guys again soon!

In the mean time have some photos 🙂


Deliciousness at Auckland Food Show


Flick always makes a great model practice with the new camera

I forget how amazing Auckland is. Our latest weekend dog walks have helped me remember

I forget how amazing Auckland is. Our latest weekend dog walks have helped me remember