Made Me Smile: Time for an Update

So I am pretty sure I owe everyone a bit of an update along with my Monday made me smile! I have been missing in action from MyFoxyCorner for the last couple of weeks due to a nose operation I had (septoplasty and bilateral inferior turbinoblasties in case anyone is interested, hope I got those right :-/). It wasn’t a serious operation at all but was one I had been wanting to get done for ages. Since I can remember I have always had constant blocked noses, colds for 90% of the year and various other sicknesses and the suspected cause of this was a stuffed up nose. After seeing a specialist the operation was suggested and thanks to my private health insurance it was all go! Now I am in recovery period (6 days since operation) and feeling surprisingly well! At first I felt like my nose had been crushed and my whole face had been punched in but gradually the pain has become more manageable (although I can’t say I am looking forward to stopping the pain medication) and I don’t feel as much like fainting every time I stand up! So today I thought it was time to get back to reality and  post a few photos from last couple of weeks (mostly pre-op though as I am not one to document my less favorite moments in life).

photo (66)So before I had operation I was at my dad’s finishing off the two weeks of Nanny work and so made some chocolate cupcakes with chocolate/vanilla buttercream to share with everyone and so that dad had something yummy to come home to. Such a fool proof recipe that works every time I do it, I must get around to sharing with you all!

photo (65)On the last day when they came home it was time for a dog bath in order to prepare for lots of dog cuddling. Tilly is NOT one of those dogs that like baths. Luckily she only managed to jump out on me once but she was not a big fan of mine afterwards. Lucky she is such a cutie though.

photo (63)I had to include this action shot of Flick chasing Tilly around the room post-bath! Flick the Cat despises the Dog at the best of times but after her bath Tilly gets quite crazy and runs around, all the while with Flick looking on disapprovingly. This time Flick had had enough of Tilly and so proceeded to chase her all over the house for ages. It was hilarious to watch and I’m glad I got a shot of them in action haha!

photo (59)Dad and Pip brought back with them a few Essie colours that I had requested as I can afford the $8 US much more than the $26 NZ. These are all gorgeous colours and my two favorites are Fiji (the only non-blue), Go Overboard (beautiful dark teal) and Stroke of Brilliance (the stunning cornflower blue top coat) but I can’t wait to wear all of them! The other ones are beach bum blu (2nd from left) and midnight cami (last).

photo (58)A delicious breakfast out on the weekend before operation at Buckland’s Beach. Edd had the Eggs Benedict which looked scrumptious and I had the Muesli with fruit and yogurt plus a Soy chai latte, both of which were perfection! This is making me hungry!

photo (61)And post op my photos mainly consist of Callie who has been my buddy for the past week as I was restricted to bed rest (sounded great at the start but got super boring lol). She has to sleep on me and can’t just sleep beside me on the bed which was annoying but cute 🙂 I was just happy to have someone home with me whilst the Amazing Edd was busy at work. Edd did an amazing job of taking care of me when he could be home 🙂 I would have been lost without him!

photo (62)Yesterday was the first day I dragged myself out of bed to set up some Christmas decorations with Edd! He got out our second hand Christmas tree that is a bit wonky and funny looking but is ours! We never normally do Christmas decorations at home because our old flatmates weren’t that interested and we spend the days around Christmas with family and not in our little flat anyway. Last year however, some family friends who were heading back to another country gave us their little tree and so this year Christmas at our flat was born!  $20 of tinsel/lights/decorations later and I was one very happy little fox with a beautiful Christmas tree to sit and stare at! I got so much joy out of doing a bit of Christmas decoration with Edd (who is just as excited for Christmas as me) and now we can’t wait to do some Christmas shopping as soon as I am well enough! Callie was a bit confused but I’m sure she loves it too 😉

So there is my last couple of weeks in smiles! Now I have so much to do but also so much to look forward to and I am very excited! Sorry for skipping out on last month’s favorites but blogging should be back on track now and I have so many posts ready to write out for you all. See you soon!


Made Me Smile


Hi All,

So putting up this post was a bit of a challenge and I wasn’t planning on doing it at all but figured I would push through and throw up a few snapshots from this week.  Had an exam this afternoon that didn’t go very well at all. Most likely passed but was a generally unpleasant experience. Totally my fault and so I felt like crap all evening haha. Anyway, after some pizza and reassuring words/cuddles from Edd I feel a bit better. Anyway….here’s my week in smiles 🙂

So first up this week I ventured into the world of self-saucing puddings with this Ginger and Toffee self-saucing pudd. I have never thought these would work very well (at least not with my skill set) however after a twitterer tweeted she had succeeded and passed on the recipe to me which seemed unrealistically easy I figured what the heck? Plus, it was an excuse to stop studying for twenty minutes! This isn’t hugely attractive, I know, but trust me the taste was incredible!!! Very gingery so beware if you don’t want a ginger slap in the face but I loved it. Will definitely be made again although I may attempt a chocolate pudding first.

Sleepy morning sleep-ins with Callie. Need I say more?

So I was supposed to make some dinner but got carried away with photos with my October favorites so Edd took over and made this amazing butter chicken curry (with peas cause I need my frozen veggies!). The most Indian restaurant quality curry we’ve made at home. Thanks Edd!! Nomnom!

Wednesday night was Halloween of course and Edd and I went to Spookers (a haunted attraction type of thing) along with our old flatmate and a couple of her friends. It was terrifying and my throat was sore from screaming so much but definitely an adrenaline filled fun night. Here is the only photo of moi with one of the lovely dudes wandering around the grounds of the old mental institution. He was pretty friendly but the worms in his nose were a little off putting.

Sunday with my lovely brothers involved a school gala! I seriously love school galas. Seriously. This was Mr 5’s favorite thing, a giant blow up obstacle course. His little legs powered through this like nobodies business!

My favorite thing at the Gala was this rainbow slushy. How old am I again?

Aaand I’ll leave you with a kitty shot from Miss Flick (dad’s cat) in all her glorious sleepiness. She’s much more vicious when awake…



Made Me Smile

Hi All!

Hope everyone had a fantastic week! Mine was up and down with a couple of tough assignments and more to come this week but I also found out that I did quite well on an assignment I thought I might fail and that I got top marks in one of my art history courses last semester yay! So here’s what made me smile this week

Callie took a liking to a shoe box this week! Had so many giggles because she only just fits in there with her head hanging out. Cat’s choose the weirdest places

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Tips for surviving sickness

1. Lemon and honey, lemon and honey and more lemon and honey… I love this stuff and regardless of the scientific justifications I just feel better when I have this when I am sick.

2. Sleep-ins – hard to do when Uni calls my name everyday but finding the time to relax and give your body a rest is so helpful.

3.TV shows to keep you busy while you rest – for me my guilty pleasures are basically any reality TV show series: America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, Top Chef etc.

4. Comfort Food – my favorite coping mechanism of all, I recommend quantities of chocolate/chocolate biscuits/chocolate mousse/hot chocolate etc.

5. Spicy Food – as I have had some evil cold/flu thing recently spicy dishes have been much appreciated for a temporary nose clearer. My favorites include a spicy Thai green chicken curry and a big bowl of spicy Mexican chili. mmmm

6. A fluffy companion – I of course use Callie the cat when she is in a co-operative mood but if you don’t have a cat or your cat refuses to recognize your fluffy requirements any soft toy or very fluffy pillow will do, helps if it purrs though.

7. Last but most importantly for me was someone to make all my lemon and honeys, watch lots of crappy TV with, bring me copious amounts of food and provide cuddles when I felt like crap! I am lucky to have Edd to provide the “comforter when sick” role 🙂

So those are my coping strategies for surviving a period of stuffed noses, sore throats and all-over rubishyness (not a word…)

Hope you are all feeling better than I am this week!