Inside My Mind #3

  • Today is Labour Monday in New Zealand yet for some reason I offered to do a ten hour shift instead of enjoy the sunshine. Crazy but just keeping the idea of the money in my mind.
  • Also Christmas is not far away (57 Days according to Christmas clock) and I am 80% excited and 20% terrified at how behind I am. 57 days seems like heaps of time but then I find out that people have already finished their shopping.

  • I have been trialling out Lush’s Dream Cream and I think I might be in love. It isn’t cheap so I am reluctant to shell out on the full tub but I know it will last ages and my skin seems to kind of love it. I also smelt the Snow Fairy shower gel that EVERYONE raves about and I couldn’t stand it…It is SO sweet. I much prefer the new rose jam scent. I must be crazy.
  • Edd sent me this link the other day. Unlikely animal friendships just make me happy.
  • Went to Barillia on the weekend so Mr 12 could experience thier dumplings. Was so excited to try the pork and chive dumplings which everyone raved about but unfortunately every single dumpling had an unexplainable big piece of prawn inside (which being allergic to seafood meant I couldn’t eat). I would still go back in a heartbeat but will have to be super careful in case something like that happens again.
  • I am about to start reading Allegiant and I am very excited. It must be the first time in ages I have bought a physical book from book shop full price (and not just the $2 books at opshops).
  • I am also currently reading The Magic (part of The Secret series) and although it is 80% cringeworthy I am hopeful that the remaining 20% will be useful in making me more grateful for what I have.
  • I am planning to start experimenting in cutting out certain food groups (e.g. doing a month gluten free) and seeing how it affects my skin as well as overall health. I think I will try cutting out gluten first of all so any tips on coping without wheat are very welcome.
  • Edd and I are about halfway through Breaking Bad’s final season and it is so intense! I feel like I am holding my breath for the whole episode. I will almost be relieved once it is all over I think.

walter white say my name breaking bad gif

  • On less trendy tv show news I am officially addicted to Beverly Hills Nannies. It is sad and shameful but I thought I should just come out and admit it to you all. It reminds me of being a Nanny but is 100% more glamorous and way more social than my Nannying ever was. I knew I was a sucker for reality tv but I didn’t know it was this bad. Is there some kind of terrible tv rehab because I think I may need it.
  • I can’t wait for this day to be over so I can go home and sleep. Happy Monday everyone!

Made Me Smile: 8th April

Hi All!

So it is Monday (groan, sigh, grumble) and time for a Made me smile post with a few nice things from the last couple of weeks that brightened my days!

20130408-143001.jpgLast weekend Edd and I took Mr 5 and Mr 11 to the Coca Cola Easter Show (I preferred when it was called the Royal Easter Show just FYI). There were lots of farm animals (obviously), some incredibly overpriced rides, delicious burgers, circus acts involving 5 motorbikes and a metal ball (I KID YOU NOT) and enough candy floss to keep Mr 5 wired till the next evening. It was expensive but it was fun!

On the long Easter Weekend I also got to catchup with Mum and Co. down in Waiuku and together we watched the entire season of  Auckland Daze (which if you are in NZ you should go checkout all the episodes right here!). It was hilarious. We also had an amazing vegetable lasagna which I plan to recreate in the near future and blog about. We also caught up with the In-laws for a pizza night! So all in all a pretty great weekend.

20130408-142714.jpgAlthough the sun is still shining, Summer has definitely moved on leaving a pretty cold chill in her place. This called for new pyjamas which also functioned for a PJ birthday party (which was as mature as it sounds). Callie approves of their cuddly warmth and cute owls, I just though all of you would like to know.

20130408-142656.jpgThese bowls of delicious candy were just one part of a very enjoyable night with two friends, watching a movie with lollies, pizza and lots of laughs. Have I mentioned how much I love coke bottle lollies? I love them.




The movie we watched was this little gem that I had never heard of before. Robot and Frank is a sweet and unique little movie about a retired cat-burgular with worsening dementia who reluctantly gains the company and assistance of a rather charming robot, Robot. Together they get back into planning one big heist. The ending was the only thing that annoyed me about this movie, it felt unfinished or not thought through enough for such a thoughtful and sensitive film. Funny and sad and worth a watch!





20130408-142613.jpgBabysitting Mr 5 and Mr 11 called for making a delicious dinner of homemade wedges and pizza. Edd and I had pizza packed with vegies and ham whilst the kids piled on pineapple, ham and cheese on to theirs. It was a fun evening cooking with them and Mr 5 kept trying to sneak ingredients off the other pizza for his own.

20130408-142624.jpgSleepy Dog.


My.Neighbor.Totoro.600.69835Another movie I watched and Loved this week was My Neighbour Totoro. Might be my favorite Studio Ghibli film but its hard to choose between this, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke and Ponyo 😦 I love them all! And cat bus is probably my favorite, can I have one??

accidentallydomesticatedLast up I will leave you with the most recent unlikely animal friendship, kindly sent to me by Edd!