Friday’s Letters: Fierce and light and young

Friday's Letters My Foxy Corner

Dear Self: Now is the time to remind you not to volunteer for everything. Sometime’s its good to get a day off. Pat on the back for taking a very stressful week and doing a pretty good job at conquering it, even without adequate sleep.

Dear Dreams: I know you feel a little murky and things are little unsure right now. Rest assured that you are always at the forefront of my mind and with a little careful planning you shall soon become goals which will then become achievements. Just be patient with me.

Dear Creamy Mushrooms: I am one step closer to making you perfect and then I can stop throwing money away for brunch.

 Dear Tiny Turtle (Niece): Looking forward to your visit. You grow so fast and your smile is bigger every time I see you. Love to you and your chubby cheeks.

Dear Serial: I may have been the last person to this confusing and emotional journey, but I have finally finished all of your podcasts and have been left suitably in tatters. Just give me a goddam answer already.

Dear Workmates: Please stop jumping ship and leaving me to fend for myself. I need you all to make life more bearable. Along with wine and chocolate, which will never leave me.

Dear Savings: You and me have got some talking to do.

Dear Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: Every time I watch you, I love you more and more. Thank you for being such a beautiful movie.

Dear February: You are one very busy month. Take it easy, you are supposed to be the best month of the year, even though you’re the shortest. Bring on birthdays and anniversary’s and other good things.

Dear Angel Olsen: Thanks for creating such beautiful music with lyrics that talk straight to my heart. Like the ones that gave me my title.

Dear Merlin: So it turns out you are a pretty amazing tree climber. Thanks for those moments in the middle of the night where sleep evades me but you are always around for cuddles. Thanks for being such a big boy at the vet. Love you and your giant paws. ❤



On how you can find out whether you have the Christmas gene too

So I’m just going to warn you all right now that me and Christmas have a pretty great thing going. I could apologise (I do this a lot) or just let you know so that if you want to avoid me around Christmas time, you can (and I will only be slightly offended, promise).

I know Christmas gets a bad rap sometimes, for being commercialised, for being all about the food, for being all about the presents, for being all about Santa etc etc. but I love it.

I love Christmas for its food, its presents, its santa and all that other crappy commercial stuff. But mostly I love it because it gives me an excuse to find ways to show people I appreciate them (and an excuse to sing the approximate lyrics to Christmas carols. All day long).

My Foxy Corner has always been about things I love, and being my favourite day of the year, Christmas is something that will most definitely feature here over the next month (just be thankful I don’t go on about it all year round). There will be recipes, gift guides, DIYs and lists, because at Christmas we make many many lists.

So to start off December here is my first list on how you know you have a Christmas gene (the science behind this is not yet peer reviewed or verified).

10 signs you have the Christmas gene

  1. You find yourself singing Christmas songs to yourself whilst in elevators with other people 
  2. You hate fruit mince pies (and fruit mince in general) but make a conscious effort to try and love mince pies because they are Christmas and you are Christmas and it just doesn’t make sense that the thought of them makes you gag.
  3. You find yourself covered in tinsel when there is no actual tinsel to be found.
  4. You rub pine needles on yourself so that you can smell like Christmas. Or when you realise you are allergic to Christmas trees you rub pine scented candle wax on yourself instead (its totally not as weird as it sounds…why do they not have a Christmas perfume?)
  5. You have automatically started replacing swear words with christmas related curses, ’cause swearing at Christmas just seems wrong 
  6. You find yourself doodling Christmas trees instead of love hearts, even though yours always turn out crooked no matter how hard you try
  7. You start watching Christmas movies on December 1 so that you can make your way through all your favourites
  8. You make your flatmates scared to come home when they know you have been decorating
  9. Everyone in the office comes to you with Christmas related queries
  10. Sometimes you dream that you are Santa but then the pressure becomes to much and its a relief to wake up in the morning and remember you don’t have to supply 7 billion people with presents.

I’m not saying I do all of these things. But I do.

Here comes the sun

Hi Everyone!

So I disappeared for a while and my apologies for just abandoning MyFoxyCorner for a month or more.  I took some time off blogging for no real reason other than I lacked motivation and enthusiasm for the blogging itself. I didn’t want to continue investing time and energy into something I wasn’t enjoying anymore. I went through a cycle of thoughts (delete the blog -> reinvent the blog -> just start where I left off -> no that wasn’t good enough -> just delete the blog) and so on and so forth for a month or two and now here I am. In the end I think work and life and all such things were making life busy and a little stressful and along with just a general lack of time I was going through a minor (major) blog identity crisis where I just didn’t see any point in it. There are so many incredible blogs and I was a little unsure as to why I even bothered.

But (thank goodness there’s a but!) in the end I missed blogging, a lot! And I had to go back and think about why I do this. Its not for stats or for publicity, its a space for me to write about things I like and document parts of my life that I want to share and come back to later. I like the community and the friends I have made and I love the fact that blogging lets me escape from my 8 hour day job and gives me some sort of outlet. I know there are a 1 million and 1 blogs like mine out there but in the end I blog for me. So I came back! Now I would love to promise that I’ll publish something 3 times a week without fail but until I set up a proper routine I won’t even bother. I hope you guys bear with me while I sort out my little space 🙂

So what have I been up to? I got a permanent role in the temporary job I was doing which offers more security, options and money so that was great. I discovered my new favorite cupcake recipe to bake which will be shared here soon. Edd and I broke down on the motorway today which was one of the more unpleasant experiences of my life. I started planning our trip to Europe next year which is SO exciting. I bought more nail polish that I can’t fit anywhere. I found an AWESOME new band who I love to DEATH (and who Edd is seriously sick of) so I can’t wait to share them with you! I went to the Auckland food show and seriously stuffed my face. Edd and I bought a fancy new camera (a dslr something somthing Nikon… Edd’s the expert, phew) so hopefully I can start sharing some pretty photos with you that aren’t all filtered and from instagram haha! Oh and I also bought my first pair of Doc Martens and they are AMAZING. I’m sure more as happened (but maybe not) but that’ll do for today and I will talk to you guys again soon!

In the mean time have some photos 🙂


Deliciousness at Auckland Food Show


Flick always makes a great model practice with the new camera

I forget how amazing Auckland is. Our latest weekend dog walks have helped me remember

I forget how amazing Auckland is. Our latest weekend dog walks have helped me remember


Made Me Smile


Hi All,

So putting up this post was a bit of a challenge and I wasn’t planning on doing it at all but figured I would push through and throw up a few snapshots from this week.  Had an exam this afternoon that didn’t go very well at all. Most likely passed but was a generally unpleasant experience. Totally my fault and so I felt like crap all evening haha. Anyway, after some pizza and reassuring words/cuddles from Edd I feel a bit better. Anyway….here’s my week in smiles 🙂

So first up this week I ventured into the world of self-saucing puddings with this Ginger and Toffee self-saucing pudd. I have never thought these would work very well (at least not with my skill set) however after a twitterer tweeted she had succeeded and passed on the recipe to me which seemed unrealistically easy I figured what the heck? Plus, it was an excuse to stop studying for twenty minutes! This isn’t hugely attractive, I know, but trust me the taste was incredible!!! Very gingery so beware if you don’t want a ginger slap in the face but I loved it. Will definitely be made again although I may attempt a chocolate pudding first.

Sleepy morning sleep-ins with Callie. Need I say more?

So I was supposed to make some dinner but got carried away with photos with my October favorites so Edd took over and made this amazing butter chicken curry (with peas cause I need my frozen veggies!). The most Indian restaurant quality curry we’ve made at home. Thanks Edd!! Nomnom!

Wednesday night was Halloween of course and Edd and I went to Spookers (a haunted attraction type of thing) along with our old flatmate and a couple of her friends. It was terrifying and my throat was sore from screaming so much but definitely an adrenaline filled fun night. Here is the only photo of moi with one of the lovely dudes wandering around the grounds of the old mental institution. He was pretty friendly but the worms in his nose were a little off putting.

Sunday with my lovely brothers involved a school gala! I seriously love school galas. Seriously. This was Mr 5’s favorite thing, a giant blow up obstacle course. His little legs powered through this like nobodies business!

My favorite thing at the Gala was this rainbow slushy. How old am I again?

Aaand I’ll leave you with a kitty shot from Miss Flick (dad’s cat) in all her glorious sleepiness. She’s much more vicious when awake…