My Foxy Reading Corner: #17-24

Hi All!

So it has been a SHAMEFUL amount of time since my last reading corner update. I’m falling a little behind in my efforts to read 50 books by the end of the year, but I am determined so let the long nights trying to finish books commence. But not really because lately I have been exhausted enough without any extra reading involved. Anyway, today I thought I would share my next 8 books, there are 12 in total I have read since the previous update (which seems like a lifetime ago) but I thought splitting them up was a little more sensible.

photo 1

#17 The Host by Stephenie Meyer: Okay so I am only slightly ashamed to admit I thoroughly enjoyed the Twilight series. Like I know it wasn’t Shakespeare or Harry Potter but I was rather happily sucked in to the stories (TEAM EDWARD) and quite frankly never wanted them to end (phew, glad that’s out. Time for some wine before I disappear into some 14 year old). So after Twilight I was actually a little shamefully excited to read and watch The Host. I read it and kind of enjoyed it but not much about the story really stuck with me, and if anything it tended to just annoy me. It was fine but nothing special and no where near as good as the Twilight series in my opinion. Also it was a pretty poor attempt at a very average sci fi story line (and I LOVE me some sci fi). And PLEASE don’t ask me whether I enjoyed the movie.  2 Stars (I actually gave this 3 stars in Goodreads when I read it way way back but I can’t bring myself to do it now).

#18 Matched by Ally Condie: Another rather popular YA dystopian series in a universe where people are matched with their life partners based on all sorts of compatibility ratings and emotions aren’t really involved (there is a lot more to it but hey, I read it like 3 months ago). This was fine but not that memorable. I can’t even really recall much about the main characters.  I will read on with the series but seemed pretty similar to others like Delirium and just not as good. Maybe it will get better, who knows. 3 Stars (this can have the full 3 purely because it wasn’t quite as painful in some places as the host).

#19 The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick: I truly enjoyed this read (and would read it again if I didn’t have so many others to get through). I can see why people draw parallels with The Perks of Being a Wallflower, it just feels similar in its sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking honesty and its quirky characters that are so imperfect and unique that you are completely drawn in. Excited to watch the movie and not sure why I haven’t yet to be honest. 4 Stars.

#20 The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton: Michael Crichton is a sci-fi thriller author who I know I can turn to for some fast paced, enjoyable rides in a world of political lies, untamed biology and terrifying possibilities. I enjoyed this one which centered on a deadly particle from out of space and a group of scientists chosen to try and save us from it. At times awkwardly written but tense, enjoyable and still scientific/technical which I like. 3 Stars.


#21 Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver: After rather enjoying Delirium I moved on to the second in the YA dystopian series and actually ended up enjoying it more than the first. I felt it was faster paced, held more tension and emotion and just had a slightly more exciting story line. Needless to say I’m excited to read the third!!! #4 Stars

#22 Echo Burning by Lee Child: Another classic series that I always know I can enjoy is the Jack Reacher action/thriller series and I have been trying to read the books in the series that I missed out when I was a bit younger. This is number 5, centered on a woman desperate for Reacher’s help with an abusive husband who is about to come back out of prison. As usual was a thrilling enjoyment from start to finish. 4 Stars.

#23 The Book Thief by Markus Zusak: Okay so this was a book EVERYONE raved about and one I had for ages and just couldn’t get around to reading. Once I started it was still a little stop start (mostly my fault) and it wasn’t until the last third of this book that I really started appreciating the story and every puzzle piece that made it so unique. The characters, the writing, the narrator…everything worked really well and although it wouldn’t be in my top ten books ever like I know it is for some others I did thoroughly enjoy everything this book offered up. A unique and special read that should be on everyone’s list. 5 Stars.

#24 The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien: I wanted to reread this, having not done so since I was rather young and with the movies coming out and what not. I knew I would enjoy it, it was pleasant, easy to read and felt comforting like an old blanket. Not a lot else to say, a well written book in a universe I love. Oh and the illustrations are amazing. Only gave it 4 stars just because I love some books a lot more.

Phew, good job for getting through that. Another update to come in the next week or so 🙂 Meanwhile if you have any book recommendations please share!


Coming up next is some tea inspired ramblings….want to see my new favorite? Too bad it’s coming up anyway.

Made Me Smile! Recovering

Hi All! Another Monday, another week of what made me smile!

So as Christmas fast approaches Christmas presents have been on the mind however my recovery from nose surgery has meant that I have had to take things a little slower than I would like. Regardless Christmas shopping is almost done and I am getting more excited every day. The other key thing this week is that I have started job hunting and today just finished a mammoth of an application form 😦 Always seems like such a giant waste of time when I probably won’t get it but I guess it is good practice. Anyway, here is my last week in smiles 🙂

photo (58)Mid week brownie baking. Despite not having the exact ingredients, after a while of no baking I was happy to whip these up to munch on with Mum when she spent the afternoon keeping me company 🙂 Such a lovely day of green tea, nail polish, endless chats and brownies.

photo (59)Although the weather is a bit dodgy now last week featured plenty of hot sunny days where I could sit outside with Callie and soak up some sun. I love when she does this and reaches out to touch me while we are resting haha, it always brings a smile to my face (although every thing Callie does results in a smile so that isn’t really saying much).

photo (62)One of the joys of being too sick to do much cooking is having on-hand excuses to order Thai! I talk about this place (FatBoy Thai in Sandringham) way too much so I’ll just leave you with the picture of the mountain of Thai food we got.

photo (61)I was finally feeling well enough to venture out to the movies this week so Edd and I went and sat through a very enjoyable Hobbit! I was wary after hearing mixed things but I personally enjoyed it immensely! I am also now making my way through the book which brings back a lot of childhood memories. The popcorn and ice-creams weren’t bad either :p

photo (60)Saturday Edd and I caught up with his parents for a delicious pub lunch and I was very happy to see Rekorderlig cider on the menu! I tried the Mango and Rasberry for something new and it was delicious but the Strawberry and Lime remains my favorite 🙂 Seriously though, this drink just screams summer.

photo (56)Speaking of Summer….Isn’t Brown’s Bay beautiful at this time of year? Now that I don’t live on the East Coast Bays of Auckland I truly miss the beauty of the beaches that line the suburbs 😦 I definitely was a bit spoilt being surrounded with beaches and I didn’t really click to how lucky I was until I moved to our current area which has no beaches in sight.

photo (59)

Whilst in Brown’s Bay on Saturday Edd and I popped into one of my favorite pet shops and spent waaayyy too long fawning over the many cute kittens that were all doing suitably cute, cat-like things. Here’s a personal favorite who had covered himself in his bed to go to sleep. Too much cuteness.

photo (58)On a last minute decision Edd and I stopped at the rather giant makeup and fragrance sale that was happening last week out at Greenlane. Here is the OPI table. I was a little overwhelmed whilst simultaneously being in a nail polish hoarder’s paradise. I was also very happy to go around guiding Edd in a few Christmas presents for myself haha. I impressed myself with self-control when surrounded with discounted nail polish and makeup but still walked away with a fair few goodies to put under the Christmas tree.
photo (57)And speaking of Christmas trees here is the biggest one I have seen around Auckland. This one lives at Sylvia Park which was a mall of madness when trying to Christmas shop. Will be sticking to St Lukes from now on I think.

Some other things that made me smile: wrapping Christmas presents up with someone I love, being allowed to drink tea again, pizza night and leftovers the next day, Christmas cards from friends, starting some wedding DIY decor projects, toffee nut frappes from Starbucks and watching old seasons of Survivor.

I hope everyone is having a great week 🙂