What is MyFoxyCorner?


So you may have found yourself on my little corner of the internet wondering why you are here and what this blog is about. Well MyFoxyCorner is a blog that echoes the things that interest me in real life. I loved reading blogs and so I started this just over a year ago, blogging about life, beauty, recipes and the other typical blog worthy things (and some not so blog worthy). People say blog about what you love but I haven’t really narrowed that down yet so here you may see posts relating to baking, beauty,  music, reading and most commonly just posts about life and all its little surprises (oh and photos of my cat. There are a lot of these).

So I don’t think that little ramble really cleared up anything for you did it? If you are a little scattered and maybe have some interests in common with me then get some tea and sit down and have a look. I’d love to hear what you think 🙂

There are some amazing blogs out there and I hope to keep improving this space into a more refined and organized one, but for now it remains a reflection of me; scattered, varied but hopefully (at times) interesting and helpful.

Let’s see where we end up!


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