Who is MyFoxyCorner


Hi, My name is Lizzy (myfoxycorner).
Well that was a bit underwhelming. I’m not great at entrances (sorry…) but if you stick around I swear I am more interesting than my first sentence. I always find trying to sum myself up rather difficult (mainly because I am not super exciting or unique…) and it always feels a little like a speed date (which I have never been on but like to imagine what it may be like for others) in which my awkwardness becomes very quickly apparent and the rest is  just filling up the five minutes (or however long one gets). But here goes.

I like cats, tea, nail polish, Auckland, red lipstick, cupcakes, music, flight of the conchords, my husband and the rest of my crazy family, cooking, writing, googling pictures of foxes on the internet, tattoos (although I don’t have any…yet), roller coasters, crappy reality tv, non crappy blogs, reading, holidays, learning, cat jewelry, cat clothing, foxes on anything (I just bought a new fox phone case!), dresses, doing the dishes, coffee (not as much as tea), lazy mornings, the feeling I get from the gym, road trips,  and maybe a few more that don’t come straight to mind.

I dislike baking failures (I always take them personally), insects, damp houses, my sensitive skin, horror movies, being fake or others being fake, being stuck in traffic, running or jogging, bronzer (just haven’t mastered that yet), Christmas mince pies, vacuuming (even trying to spell it makes me angry), having to put petrol in my car… thinking of dislikes is a lot harder. I guess that’s a good thing.

I wish I was Jess from New Girl

When I grow up I want to be a Clinical Psychologist working with Kids but for now I work 8 hours a day on a phone. It’s actually not as bad as it sounds.


I got married this year (17th February 2013). I am nothing without my Husband. He holds me up on days when life gets me down, makes cupcakes when I can’t do it myself, makes me lemon and honey when I am sick, takes me to Rainbows End even though we are far too old for it. He’s the smartest dude I know and I still pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

My favorite foods are Spaghetti bolangese since before I can remember and a rich chocolate cupcake.

I have one baby. Her name is Callie. Although I can’t wait to have children my cat baby is plenty for now (pretty sure she thinks she is a  human anyway). Expect to see a lot of her. She is much cuter than me and looks better in photos.



Does that count as an Intro? Do you feel like you know me yet? I feel like that’s enough for our first speed date but feel free to comment, chat with me on twitter (@liz_lock) or check out photos of Cats and cupcakes on my Instagram (lizzyjlockhart) because who doesn’t love a well filtered slice of life every now and again.



6 thoughts on “Who is MyFoxyCorner

  1. Hi there Valerie! Thanks for coming and saying hello. I love the look of your blog and cant wait to read many more of your beautiful posts 🙂 And foxy is such a cute name for your kitty! How appropriate

  2. It’s so awesome to see you love Flight of the Conchords :’) Not enough people do!
    I just clicked ‘follow’ on your blog, so I’m looking forward to reading through your posts! 😀 and just so you know, I so wish I was Jess from New Girl too. Sigh, don’t we all!

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